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If you’re planning on installing new flooring within your home, property or business now’s the perfect time to thinks about the works required before doing so.

Every floor will require some form of subfloor preparation before installing your new carpets, laminates, luxury vinyl tiles, engineered wood, solid wood and safety flooring. Every installation is unique and will have its own specific requirements. Careful and correct preparation of the subfloor, following installation guidelines as well as recommended subfloor preparation advice, is a major part of installing your new floor.

Roughness or unevenness of the subfloor will telegraph through floor coverings, resulting in an unsightly surface and excessive wear on high spots. Proper subfloor preparation and suitable underlayment installation are essential for a trouble-free job and to ensure your warranty is valid.

At Luxury Flooring Manchester we offer the following subfloor preparation services:

  • Testing for moisture levels
  • Epoxy Damp Proof Membranes
  • Floor Leveling
  • Screed
  • Flexi Screed
  • Rapid Setting Screed
  • Plywod substrates

Moisture levels
LVT & Wood products must only be installed on subfloors with moisture levels below 75% relative humidity (RH). If the hydrometer reading is above 75% RH, regardless of whether the floor is old or new, it’s imperative that a surface Epoxy Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) is installed. As a preventative measure if you are going to invest in luxury flooring we recommend on installing an epoxy DPM on old or new concrete slabs.

Wooden subfloors
When installing plywood substrates we use a minimum 6mm product that will be fixed every 100 mm around the edge of each board and 150 mm centres within the rest of the board. The final floor covering will have recommended installations guidelines from the manufacturer. *see floor levelling

Concrete subfloors
If we’re installing flooring on either a new or old concrete subfloor, it’s essential to conduct a moisture test to ensure the levels are no higher than 75%RH. If moisture levels are too high and there is insufficient for dry out naturally, then a surface epoxy damp-proof membrane will be required.

It is important that your subfloor is flat before the final floor covering is installed. Therefore we only use a range of high quality, rapid drying and fibre reinforced products that are designed for use on plywood, concrete and steel subfloors prior to the installation of floor coverings. We only use products from market leading manufacturers such as Ardex, F Ball & Co and Tilemaster Adhesives.

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